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Marketing Topic Committee
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Join The Marketing Topic Committee

Our committee is composed of AESP member-volunteers who are committed to advancing the marketing of energy services, programs, and practices. Contact our Chair, Kristin Laursen,, to learn more and/or join today.

        Networking with like-minds. As marketers in this industry, we can sometimes feel isolated in a world of tech-speak. Get a chance to garner insights from other marketing professionals, and swap in- and out-of-industry knowledge. We meet in person at least once a year at the National Conference and by web conference quarterly. There are also several subcommittees you can join that meet by topic including: brown bag topics, abstract review, conference topics, marketing incubator for AESP and its Topic Committees,

  •  Conference abstract review
  •  Webinar presentations
  •  Writing a Strategies Article
  •  Reviewing marketing awards
  •  Joining a sub-committee
  •  And more!

        Serving the AESP membership. Through our committee and sub-committees, we serve as subject matter experts in marketing energy services, as well as go to market strategies for the energy programs we plan, implement, and evaluate.

        Get information first. Our members get the inside scoop from our Chair and the AESP Board of Directors. We also use our email list and LinkedIn group: AESP Marketing Topic Committee for communications.

        Have fun! No one is more fun than a bunch of marketers talking about energy, am I right? Well maybe when we get off topic and explore our imaginations to truly create the extraordinary—there is nothing we can’t accomplish through our marketing collective intelligence.

●        Why did you join?

All AESP group and individual memberships include membership in a topic committee.

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What’s Happening


2018 Marketing Webinars. 

To look at past webinars, including the marketing webinars listed below, go to the Resource Library (you must be an AESP member to view past webinars).

        Multicultural Marketing and Diversity in Utility Services (8/2/2018)

        Everything You Wanted to Know about AESP Topic Committees (but were afraid to ask) (4/12/2018)

        Engaging Customers with Energy Blockchain (4/5/2018)

        AESP Energy Awards – Marketing and Customer Engagement (3/15/2018)

Check out a full listing future Webinars here

Marketing Topic Committee Project Highlights

        AESP Infographic

        This webpage! Our Marketing Topic Committee Chairs worked with AESP leadership to come up with a more standard approach to Topic Committee webpages. Check back soon for more updates to both the Topic Committee and Chapter webpages.


Resources for Committee Members (Coming Soon)

        Recent Communications

        Announcements and Accomplishments

        Join our LinkedIn group: AESP Marketing Topic Committee


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