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Group Membership
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If your organization has several AESP members, a Group Membership is the most convenient and cost-effective option for you. Your designated staff members enjoy all the benefits of individual membership AND you have the convenience to pay for memberships, conference registrations, training and more using a simple system of points.

TO INQUIRE about Group Membership, contact Cindy at

Select your level of Group Membership, designate your AESP members, and start enjoying member benefits and using your points throughout the year on conferences and more, without any further hassles of payment. Exclusive benefits of Group Membership: Depending on the level you select, Group Members also enjoy a varying number of free memberships, member spotlight and other perks.

Group Memberships are available at the following levels:

  • Bronze $2,500 - 12 points
  • Silver $6,250 - 32 points
  • Copper $8,500 - 45 points
  • Gold $12,500 - 70 points
  • Platinum $25,000 - 145 points
  • Utility Option $20,000 - No points - unlimited memberships. Includes training and conference benefits.
  • REEO, Government and Nonprofit Option $3000/$5000 - No points - unlimited memberships. Includes online courses and conference benefits.


Group Membership points may be use for the following:

  • 0 points - One Student Intern Membership
  • 0 points - Webinar
  • 1 point - One Individual Membership in AESP
  • 2 points - One Job Announcement (on AESP’s website and What's New)
  • 2 points - One Strategies Inside Banner
  • 3 points - One Strategies Masthead Banner
  • 4 points - What's New Section Banner for 4 concurrent weeks
  • 3 points - One 1/2- to 1-day Conference Training Course Registration
  • 4 points - One Spring/Summer Conference Registration
  • 5 points - 1½- to 2-day Conference Training Course Registration
  • 7 points - One Annual Conference Registration
  • 8 points - What's New Masthead Banner for 4 concurrent weeks
  • 20 points - 1 Spring or Summer Conference Booth
  • 30 points - 1 Annual Conference Booth

*Note: Points can be used by AESP designated group members only. If a non-member in a group wants to register for an event, one point may be redeemed from a Group Membership to make this individual a member.

Interested in an AESP Group Membership? Contact Cindy Urbaytis at

Already an AESP Group Member and have a question regarding your membership, member benefits or renewal? Contact us at 480-704-5900.




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