Gas Energy Efficiency, Topic Committee
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Gas Energy Efficiency Topic Committee

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The Gas Energy Efficiency Topic Committee serves as a forum for energy services professionals to discuss and share innovative and successful gas energy efficiency program designs and strategies. Our goals are to identify and address the key issues impacting gas energy efficiency programs, provide opportunities for gas energy services professionals to network and share information, increase AESP gas content and to work collaboratively with other committees on cross-cutting topics.


  • Do you work in a gas or dual-fuel utility?
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  • Connect with peers from other gas utilities

    All AESP group and individual memberships include membership in a topic committee.

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    What’s Happening

    TC Project highlights
    • Strategies Article: Working title - Combi Boilers: The Future of Gas Efficiency is Combined

    Resources (LinkedIn groups, communications, accomplishments, etc.)
    • Coming soon


    Topic Committee Activities

    Being in a Topic Committee is not a huge commitment. You volunteer for projects depending on how they fit into your personal interests and situation. Develop articles for AESP Strategies, develop and present webinars, score abstracts for conferences, recommend awards, discuss relevant topics.

    2019 Goals

      • Webinars – Goal of 2 (outside of Quarterly Meetings)
      • Strategies Article – Nov (topic TBD)
      • Quarterly meetings – Include a speaker for each quarterly meeting
      • AESP Awards Review – Focus on increasing Gas TC participation
      • Conference Planning –Gas TC to drive increased submissions/focus
      • Special project – Website resource library
    • New and notable information
    • Gas potential studies
    • TRMs for natural gas 


    Past Events

    2019 Gas Topic Committee Webinars:

    May 23, 2019 – Gas Topic Committee Quarterly Meeting and Presentation on Deep Decarbonization in the Pacific Northwest 

    Watch the Q2 Topic Committee meeting here.

    AESP Gas Topic Committee Call.pdf

    AESP Gas Topic Committee Call - Deep Decarbonization in PNW.pdf


    2018 Gas Topic Committee Webinars:

    To look at past webinars, including the Gas Topic Committee webinars listed below, go to the Resource Library (you must be an AESP member to view past webinars). 
    • Everything You Wanted to Know about AESP Topic Committees (but were afraid to ask) (4/12/2018)
    • AESP Webinar 3 Different Approaches to Gas Demand Response Programs
    • The Next Horizon for CHP – Value Streams and Market-Based Compensation for End-Users -  June 14, 2018 
    • December 6, 2018 - Gas Topic Committee Conference Call & Presentation on Nationwide Trends in Gas Efficiency and CHP Listen to the recording of the>

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