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Selections from the AESP Resource Library



AESP hosts over 20 educational Webinars a year. Monthly Webinars cover current issues, relevant case studies and new technologies. Best Part? They’re FREE for active members!.


Not Your Uncle’s Stash: Understanding the Controlled Environment Agriculture Market
Listen to this recording and you will walk away with information on how to approach customers, understand the best energy efficiency technologies they can use, and where this market is going.


Managing Electrification + Load Off-Peak
In this recording leading experts describe how programs are keeping load off-peak with pricing plans and load management techniques as components of the beneficial electrification efforts.


The Future Is Electric! Beneficial Electrification in the 21st Century!
Hear from advocates, planners and practitioners about the BE efforts currently underway and gain a better understanding of this tremendous opportunity.


Pandemic in the Northwest: How COVID-19 is Changing Oregon’s EE Industry
This recording is about what Energy Trust of Oregon is doing to adapt during COVID-19.


A Regional Update - Resilience and Recovery
Listen to the recording where regional leaders speak to the latest challenges their regions face, including understanding and reacting to the disproportionate energy burden for customers in particular in diverse communities, market reactions, and more.


Keeping Your Trade Allies Close in a Contactless Society
Listen to how to use trade ally advisory councils to strengthen relationships with your trade ally community.


Four Federal Stimulus Priorities for the Energy Efficiency Industry
Listen to this webinar which focused on four federal stimulus priorities that have been put forward by the Alliance to Save Energy, a non-profit advocacy organization in Washington, D.C. that advances energy efficiency.


Return to Normalcy? Impacts of COVID-19 on the Energy Industry in the Midwest
Listen to this webinar where speakers representing a cross-section of the industry discuss how the pandemic has impacted their organization and their plans to return to the office and field.


COVID-19 Series: Addressing Customer Engagement with Stay at Home Orders: Solutions and Strategies
Listen to the approaches, decision making, and customer relationship resiliency tactics behind our panelists' COVID-19 driven marketing, communications, and outreach engagement.


AESP Couch Chat Series: How to Prepare Yourself for Today's Job Market
In this recording you will hear from a panel of HR and recruiting experts as they provide advice as you search for new employment opportunities


COVID-19 Series: The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis on DSM Program EM&V
In this webinar hear the impact of COVID-19 on both EM&V methods as well as the role that EM&V should play to support the DSM industry in these unprecedented times.


Regional Perspectives: Helping members embrace change in uncertain times 
In this webinar, leaders from selected organizations discussed COVID-19’s impacts on their specific markets and how their organizations are helping members during these very challenging times.

Actions and Solutions: Adapting EE programs in response to COVID-19 
The webinar discusses how four utilities located in COVID-19 “hotspots” took action to address both short and long-term issues.

AESP Couch Chat Series: Working from Home - Our New Reality
How to avoid home-office distractions (including barking dogs and talkative children!), what tools are available to remote employees, and how to handle the "work at home" environment.

Leading During a Crisis
As the coronavirus pandemic continues, what are the leaders in our industry doing to support their staff, co-workers, and clients? Hear from top industry leaders about how they motivate their teams and stay positive during challenging times.

Energy Awards winners: Program Design & Implementation, and Emerging Tools & Technologies
Attend this webinar to hear the 2020 AESP's Energy Award winners, FortisBC, New Mexico Gas, and APS, provide insight on why their programs were deserving of an award.

AESP Energy Awards: Marketing and Customer Engagement
Listen to the 2020 AESP's Energy Award marketing & customer engagement winners tell you about their win and why their programs were deserving of the award.


AESP’s monthly magazine for members features specially curated articles and case studies on successful programs, as well as information on key issues, major industry events and member news. 

Energy Efficiency and Health & Safety Measures: An Innovative Idea to Measure Success by More Than Just KWh
While combining energy audits and health and safety measures isn’t as flashy as technological changes, this innovative idea could lead to safer homes, lower electric bills and happier customers. Learn more about it.

A broad Roundup of Covid-19 Impacts on the Energy community
The coronavirus pandemic swiftly shut down the global economy. To slow the spread of the disease, companies closed shop, and consumers hunkered down in their homes. The sudden and dramatic changes has profoundly reshaped how the energy efficiency community operates. The impact is being seen in shifting energy loads, a financial shakeup, a revamping of energy efficiency employees’ workday, new cybersecurity threats, and the stalling of legislation.

Capturing More Savings and Integrating Quality of Light Metrics into High-Performing LED Lighting
The DesignLights Consortium’s new version of its Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Technical Requirements is a policy that seeks to promote advances in controllability and quality of light while maximizing energy efficiency.

Vanishing Renewable Energy Premium in Texas's Retail Pricing Plans
From organic produce to electric cars to renewable energy, it’s often assumed that one needs to pay more to live green. In this interesting study of 710 retail pricing plans in Texas, it was discovered that the premium on buying energy from renewable sources has virtually disappeared. What does this mean for consumers and those of us who work in the utility industry?

A First: Converting Energy Efficiency Gains into Clean Power
On the basic premise that energy saved through efficiency is effectively a zero-carbon electricity “resource,” can a utility sell its pollution-free electricity that was saved to another utility to meet the buying utility’s decarbonization goals?

Wi-Fi password, an inspiring mentor...the journey to the forefront of energy efficiency
AESP board member Marie Abdou has worked at National Grid since 2009, and is presently its manager of the Massachusetts Customer Energy Management team. As a manager, Marie is responsible for their energy efficiency, demand reduction, and beneficial electrification offerings. She credits a passion for the environment and a talent with numbers, and the role of a key person in her professional life for charting her path to the present.

GHG Legislation and Electrification Make Big Waves in California
Alan Elliot and members of AESP’s Evaluation Topic Committee surveyed personnel from gas and electric utilities about the changes they’ve seen and their thoughts on what needs to happen next.

COVID-19: How it's Changed our Industry and Long-Term Impacts
AESP's Business Issues and Models Topic Committee outlines the 3 key phases of the COVID-19 crisis, their utility impacts, regulatory impacts and other factors. Uncover what opportunities lie ahead when we return to the "new normal." Read more.

What is energy efficiency (EE)?
The energy efficiency industry is quite complicated and can be quite confusing, even for industry veterans. This article will provide a clear description of the history, drivers, barriers and players in energy efficiency. Let's go back to basics!

A Cross Section of how Utility Energy Efficiency Programs and Staff are managing COVID-19's Disruption
AESP did a quick survey of several of our utility members, including PECO, National Grid and DTE, to see how utilities are responding to the upheavals caused by COVID-19. Learn more about virtual evaluations, targeted marketing, and other current utility best practices..

Overcoming Barriers for Smart Thermostat Instillations
Smart thermostats are not only a cool new energy-saving technology but also an effective customer engagement tool for both gas and electric utilities. However, there are four barriers that stand in the way of wider adoption and in this article our authors debunk the myths, share best practices and work-arounds.  

Creating a Sustaining Energy Management System in your Company. Part 2 - Practical Consideration
Last month we explored the basics of process thinking and the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) improvement process as they relate to the ISO 50001:2018 energy management standard. We saw a number of benefits that can accrue to a company if it adopts the energy management system framework. 

Creating Connected Buildings is a Matter Of Execution, Not Technology
Connected Building Platforms Are Ready to Work but the best technology can be completely undone by intentional and unintentional acts of humans. We're asking building operators, electrical workers, HVAC contractors and others to change the way they do their job.

Integrating Demand Response into Strategic Energy Management
We examine how utilities across the nation are embracing Strategic Energy Management (SEM) as a way to help their customers proactively manage energy.

The Ins and Out of C&I Midstream Programs
In this series, we explore the ins and outs of commercial and industrial rebate programs and discuss the challenges faced when trying to incorporate these programs into a larger energy efficiency portfolio.

Community Solar? Three Key Questions  
Community solar is taking root across the country. Find out the three key questions utilities ask when considering community solar.


Conference Session Presentations

AESP contains a wealth of papers and PowerPoints, developed by industry leading experts for conference session presentations. The two session presentations below, highlight two verticals within AESP. 

On-Bill Financing: A Replicable Solution for Rural Electric Cooperatives?
Looking to increase participation in your rural electric cooperative energy efficiency program? This presentation looks at South Carolina’s 20 electric cooperatives. Their pilot program provides residential energy efficiency retrofits through On-Bill Financing, reaching a group that had never been able to previously invest in energy efficiency. 

Trends and Challenges for Gas Efficiency Programs
This session takes a broad perspective on the natural gas energy efficiency industry, including the challenges it faces (low gas prices, rising efficiency baselines, limited additional savings) as well as the opportunities (gas-electric-water partnerships, emerging technologies, systems-based savings, upstream program models).


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