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    AESP CA Chapter Webinar - Best Practices in Building Operations in a COVID-19 World 

    October 15, 2020 12:10 pm (PT)

    Bill Bahnfleth
    Professor of Architectural Engineering, Penn State University
    Chair, ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force

    Steve Taylor
    Principal, Taylor Engineering LLC
    Chair, ASHRAE, Guideline Committee 36 High-Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems

    Webinar Description
    As an industry, we've come a long way to advance the efficient operation of commercial buildings. However, the very real threat of the spread of COVID-19 through human contact and building ventilation systems has significantly changed those best practices. AESP-CA has invited two of the most authoritative names in energy efficient building operations, to describe best practices in our new reality and their thoughts on the best ways for energy efficiency implementers  to adjust.  




    Past Events & Pictures

    Conducting Virtual Inspections to Verify Deemed & Custom Installations Webinar
    Presentations          Webinar Recording
    August 26, 2020

    California & Southwest Chapters Webinar Series

    The Existing Cost-Effectiveness Framework is Failing Us (click link for presentation)
    May 20, 2020

    Normalized Metered Energy Consumption (NEMC) Explained (click link for presentation)
    May 7, 2020

    California's New Fuel Substitution Test to Support Decarbonization (click link for presentation)
    May 1, 2020

    SW & CA Chapter Call
    John Mitchell & Gil Peach - Moving Towards Energy Sufficiency  (click link for presentation)
    March 31, 2020

    California Chapter Meeting - AESP Annual Conference
    February 2020

    December 2019
    Holiday Happy Hours - Los Angeles & San Diego

     Los Angeles      
     San Diego     The dual happy hour events were a huge success.  There were new faces excited to find a group of energy nerds! 

    November 2019
    SCE's Pathway to Clean Power - Building Electrification & Transportation Strategy

     Panel Discussion  SCE Smart Home Tour    AESP CA Leadership Team


    October 2019
    AESP CA Chapter & CEDMC
    Innovating a Clean Energy Future

    April 2019
    AESP CA Chapter & AWWEE Networking Mixer
    The AESP CA Chapter and AWWEE co-hosted a Los Angeles networking mixer in April. The event was capped due to the terrific turnout. 


    January, 2019
    AESP CA Chapter & CEDMC Happy Hour

    The AESP CA Chapter and CEDMC co-hosted a happy hour at PG&E’s Pacific Energy Center, directly following the CEDMC EM&V Forum.


    September, 2018
    Lunchtime Municipal EE Panel Webinar

    The AESP California Chapter hosted a free lunchtime webinar featuring a panel of California’s municipal utilities. Bringing a diverse range of perspectives, Silicon Valley Power, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Burbank Power and Water, Sacramento Municipal Utility District and Riverside Public Utilities to address their customer mix, energy programs, performance goals, policy drivers, and plans and answer questions about the current energy landscape.


    May, 2018
    The Proposed CA eTRM

    The AESP California Chapter hosted a lunch event in Downey, CA and an evening event in Oakland, CA featuring the proposed California electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM). The California Technical Forum (Cal TF) is building an electronic Technical Reference Manual, known as the eTRM, that will be a repository for all statewide deemed measures. The new state-of-the art, best-in-class eTRM platform will be essential to streamlining and ensuring the transparency of the ex-ante measure process, implementation, and reporting workflow. Moreover, the eTRM supports the policy goals of the new California implementation framework where third-party implementation contractors are expected to design and implement 60% of the portfolio by 2020. This update from CalTF staff members outlined some of the numerous benefits the eTRM will bring to California’s energy efficiency industry.

    October, 2017
    PG&E Office or Webinar - How the State of California will Reach ZNE

    Matt Henigan, Deputy Secretary, Sustainability for California Government Operations Agency, shared the State’s efforts to lead by example and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, and to work toward zero net energy in 50% of existing building square footage by 2025. We learned about the drivers behind these efforts, the strategies and tactics that are keeping the State of California on track, and the progress that has been made to date.

    April 2017
    Volunteer Project -- Rebuilding Together

    Ever wonder what your California counterparts are up to? At the end of April 2017, the AESP California chapter set up their first volunteer effort with Rebuilding Together. A total of 13 volunteers brought their wrenches and pliers and got to work installing low-flow faucet aerators and shower heads, installing LEDs, checking fridge and water heater temperatures, and educating residents about energy efficiency. The team was able to round up donations from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, KW Sustainable Brands, and Embertec. Thanks to our donors and volunteers for all their help!

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