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AESP’s 28th National Conference New Professional Scholarship Application

Thursday, November 2, 2017  
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AESP’s 28thNational Conference
New Professional Scholarship Application


Are you the next AESP scholarship recipient? Four scholarships are available for AESP’s National Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, February 19-22, 2018 at the Marriott. The scholarships INCLUDE registration for the conference, a pre-conference training course of your choice and if you’re not a member, we include a one-year membership (total value $2015). PLUS a conference ambassador so you can learn, network, and fully experience AESP’s National Conference. This year’s National Conference theme is The Big EEasy, so it should be a no brainer that you need to apply for this scholarship.


Qualifications for the New Professional Scholarship are:

  • 1-5 years of Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and/or Smart Grid experience.
  • Must be working full time in any of the following energy-related areas: electric or natural gas utilities, co-ops/munis, regulatory or non-profit entities, public benefit groups, vendors, manufacturers, or consulting firms.
  • Have approval for travel to attend the conference. Note: travel and lodging costs are NOT included in this scholarship.
  • Scholarship recipients will be required to submit feedback to AESP on what was learned at the conference and how they benefit from it. Recipients are required to attend the New Professionals event on Monday February 19, 2018. It is also encouraged to attend a Topic Committee meeting or Chapter event while at the conference. Recipients may be asked to write an article for AESP, and/or post on social media.
  • Disclaimer: Please be aware that by submitting this application, you consent to your photo, video, name, and/or likeness being used, without compensation, in all media, whether now known or here after devised, for eternity, and you release AESP, It’s Successors, Assigns and Licensees from any liability whatsoever of any nature.

If you meet the above qualifications, apply for the scholarship by emailing the following information (please limit responses to 100 words per question), as well as a 50-word biography, to by November 27, 2017.


1. How did you first become interested in the energy industry?

2. In what other industries have you worked prior to the energy industry?

3. What other industry conferences (energy or non-energy) have you attended, and what was your level of participation (i.e. attendee, exhibitor, committee member, etc.)?

4. How do you plan to leverage the National conference to achieve your goals, both personal and professional?

5. Which pre-conference training courses interest you most and why? Please rank them in order of your preference. The courses are:

Design Thinking:Creating Customer-Centric DSM/DER Programs, Marketing, and Experiences
Utility-only Pre-conference Workshop* Monday, February 19, 2018

Why did it take 80 years for luggage designers to put wheels on suitcases? Sometimes obvious
solutions are hard to see…and momentum and habits set in. Developed at Stanford University’s Institute of Design (the ‘’), Design Thinking can be applied to any challenge. Initially used in tech companies such as Apple (the computer mouse is an early win), then to service industries such as the Mayo Clinic’s award-winning patient care process and Bank of America’s hyper-successful “Keep the Change®” program, it’s now ready to be part of the energy industry.

Design thinking can create new ways of looking at old problems, or to dive into brand new areas. Challenges such as rate design, connected/smart homes, EVs, demand response, energy efficiency, or low income programs can all benefit from using customer empathy as starting point in design.

In this workshop, attendees will learn through a hands-on approach how to extract key insights from ethnographic research where we delve deeply into customers’ needs, wants, and fears. You will then “peel the onion” to discover why customers feel and act the way they do. Attendees will then move through the design process, creating Points of View, “How Might We…” statements, and then onto brainstorming for new and different solutions that customers just might like enough to share on social media! Finally, we’ll talk about the importance of rapid-rough prototyping as well as storytelling.

Attendee Takeaways include:

• How the design thinking approach is different than typical product development stage-gate processes
• How to use the power of open-ended ethnographic research to develop true customer-centric insights
• Experiencing the application of design thinking to real DSM challenges you are facing today

The Leadership Training for Exceptional Team Performance
Pre-conference Workshop* Monday, February 19, 2018

The Leadership Training for Exceptional Team Performance course is custom-designed for energy industry leaders at all levels involved in DSM/energy efficiency policy, program planning/design preparation, regulatory support, program implementation, and program measurement and evaluation. In this fast-paced, interactive course you will: learn key leadership concepts, identify and leverage your emotional intelligence preferences and natural leadership styles, and discover how to better communicate with and motivate your employees. Whether a first-time, mid-level or senior leader, this course teaches you the skills and techniques you need to create, inspire, and lead exceptional teams.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the difference between managing and leading, and when to use each.
  • Use Emotional Intelligence (EI) to better manage conflict and increase your leadership effectiveness.
  • Apply the Situational Leadership model to match the right leadership style to the skill and will of your follower.
  • Use leadership presence, actively listening, and powerful questions to empower your team to deliver exceptional results.
  • Apply your learning to real leadership challenges on the job.


6. You will be provided a conference ambassador so you can “jump right in.” What type of person do you prefer to be your mentor, any constraints? How do you plan on taking advantage of your mentor’s expertise?


7. I certify that my supervisor will allow travel time to this conference. His/her name is________________________ and can be reached at_________________________.


8. Include the following information so we can contact you, if selected.

Phone Number


Company Name

Job Title

Company Address


9. BONUS: New Orleans is known for bringing heat to the kitchen with spicy Cajun foods. The City Council and local utilities are launching an initiative for residents to save energy and lower their utility bills. Give us your best tips for a more energy-efficient New Orleans kitchen and house.


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