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Winners of 2019 AESP Energy Awards

Monday, February 11, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Adeline Lui
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The 2019 AESP Energy Award Winners

In January 2019 at the 29th Annual Conference in San Antonio, AESP proudly announced the winners of the 2019 Energy Awards. Join us in congratulating these winners. The awards recognize creative thinking, new approaches and problem-solving in the energy efficiency industry. Entries for 2020’s awards will open in September and will be announced in What's New. Be sure to subscribe to receive What's New to receive the call for entries.

Outstanding Achievement in Non-residential Marketing

Consumers Energy – Small Business Marketplace

Consumers Energy ’s small business marketplace successfully leveraged innovative technology in the form of an e-commerce platform , digital marketing and online chat to provide increased savings and improved service to the hard-to-reach small business customer segment and may be the first marketplace for small businesses in the country. The program achieved its original order goal 50% of the way through Program Year 1, and its electric and gas savings goals 75% of the way through Program Year 1, enabling the program to serve as a savings lever for the entire portfolio. An independent evaluation measured the overall Forrester CXi score at 9 0.5 , on a -100 to +100 scale, indicating the quality of the customer experience is strong. Results to-date:

• Increase digital ad click-through rates as much as 54%,

• Drive an overall abandoned cart percentage that is 20% less than the global average,

• Develop emails with open rates 71% above our benchmarks and click-to-open rates 115% above our benchmarks, and

• Increase add-to-cart conversions as much as 100%.


Outstanding Achievement in Gas Energy Efficiency Program Design and Implementation

National Grid – New York Point-of-Sale Foodservice Program

In January of 2017, National Grid launched a pilot program partnering with commercial foodservice equipment dealers to offer energy efficiency incentives at the Point-of-Sale (POS) to their customers in New York. The goals of this midstream approach were to 1) prove that the POS model can work in the New York market, 2) show an increase in stocking and sales of high-efficiency equipment among participating equipment dealers, and 3) show customer and dealer satisfaction. The team's efforts have proven that a midstream or POS incentive program can be effective in the New York market, drive the supply chain toward high-efficiency equipment, and increase satisfaction for customers and equipment suppliers. Their quick work in an 18-month Pilot led the team to achieve 188% of their gas savings goals and set the foundation for successful POS foodservice initiatives in other parts of New York and across the country.


Outstanding Achievement in Residential Program Design & Implementation

Pacific Gas & Electric Company and Enervee – PG&E Marketplace

The industry is struggling to find ways to replace (and exceed) the large savings achieved historically by efficient lighting programs, while plug loads - which do not lend themselves to cost-effective rebates - contribute roughly 30% of residential energy (40% of electric) load and are the fastest growing source of residential demand. The PG&E Marketplace offers an innovative, yet replicable, market-based retail product approach that fills these gaps and delivers highly cost-effective savings at scale. By cooperating with retailers and making efficiency visible and actionable to consumers, market forces come into play, closing the gap between technical and market potential, without the need for mass market incentives. The PG&E Marketplace has attracted 770,000 visitors and influenced hundreds of thousands of retail purchases, leading to energy bill savings of up to $300 per Marketplace visitor, as a result of lifetime energy savings of 995 kWh and 52 therms of energy savings. Despite the lack of a clear regulatory pathway to claim market- based savings, Pacific Gas & Electric invested in the PG&E Marketplace, documented its results and is poised to begin claiming market-based savings achieved without rebates beginning in 2019.


Outstanding Achievement in Demand Response and Pricing

SoCalGas – Winter Demand Response Program

SoCalGas successfully implemented a winter gas demand response program utilizing smart thermostats. Over 9,200 customers with smart thermostats were recruited into the program and had their temperature set points lowered by up to four degrees during periods of peak demand and system stress. SoCalGas called 13 events during the 2017-2018 winter period and results concluded that participating customers reduced their gas consumption between 16-25% during the morning event from 5am-9am and between 10.7-15.6% during the evening event from 5pm- 9pm.


Outstanding Achievement in Residential Marketing

Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy is Wisconsin utilities' statewide energy efficiency and renewable energy program, and offers a variety of energy-saving programs and incentives of which businesses and residents throughout the state can take advantage. Since its beginning in 2001, Focus on Energy has:

• Helped bring over $1 billion back to the state of Wisconsin

• In 2017 given $5.93 back to Wisconsin's economy for each dollar invested into the program generating millions of dollars in economic benefits

• Created more than 1,000 full-time jobs in both 2015 and 2016 and will continue to create an average of 263 full-time jobs per year through 2040

Ongoing energy savings through Focus on Energy programs reduce operating costs for businesses, increase disposable income for consumers, and allow the money saved to go towards Wisconsin's economy.


Outstanding Achievement in Customer Engagement

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts – Warm Up Campaign

Columbia Gas of Massachusetts provides free home energy assessments to assist their customers in finding ways to save energy, and they play an active role in local communities, looking to give back and get involved. For the second year in a row, Columbia Gas partnered with non-profit Operation Warm and Professional Firefighters of Massachusetts to provide winter coats to children in need within their service territories. This marketing program offered a new coat for every no-cost home energy assessment requested from September to October, and resulted in the distribution of 600 coats to local children. The partnership has benefited community members for two years by providing those who are struggling financially in the community with a basic necessity of warmth throughout the winter.


Outstanding Achievement in Emerging Tools & Technologies

NYSERDA and Lockheed Martin Energy Team – Home Energy Management System (HEMS) Field Pilot

Lockheed Martin Energy designed and implemented a pilot sponsored by NYSERDA where home energy management systems (HEMS) were deployed at 50 homes across Westchester and Albany counties in New York State. Over 1,500 sensors were deployed and collected over 106 million data points during the pilot test period. An innovative evaluation technique was used to measure baseline energy consumption and occupant behavior, while controls savings were simultaneously simulated for HVAC temperature setbacks, lighting occupancy-based controls, and plug-load occupancy-based controls. A maximum energy savings potential of up to 16% was found for a typical home.


Outstanding Achievement in Non-residential Program Design & Implementation

PSE&G – Hospital Efficiency Program

PSE&G's pioneering Hospital Efficiency Program is a $199 million initiative that is one of the only energy efficiency programs in the U.S. that specifically targets hospitals. PSE&G's innovative program enables hospitals to make an investment in energy efficiency which significantly reduces operating costs while improving the comfort of hospital facilities.

Through this highly successful program, PSE&G provides up-front funding for the total cost of the energy efficiency improvements which eliminates the upfront financial burden for hospitals which often do not have the capital to invest in critical energy efficiency improvements. The program also provides an incentive toward the total cost of the project, and on-bill repayment for the hospital's share of the program costs which is often offset by the savings realized. As a

result, the program is currently funding the installation of energy efficiency measures at an impressive 36 hospitals and healthcare facilities in the utility's New Jersey service territory, and is expected to serve another six facilities with its newest round of program funding. The program is saving the 36 hospitals a notable $15.5 million annually in utility costs, which is about $310 million over the 20 year lifespan of the upgrades.


Outstanding Achievement in Market Research & Evaluation

Slipstream - Persistence of Savings from Retro-commissioning Measures

Slipstream conducted an evaluation study of measure persistence in past Retro-Commissioning (RCx) projects with the following primary objectives:

• Quantify the persistence of RCx measures based on the Expected Useful Life of all installed measures.

• Identify operational factors and energy management characteristics that influence the high persistence of savings. This study of savings persistence from Retro-commissioning is one of the most comprehensive, field assessment studies conducted in the U.S. It has resulted in realistic measure life assessments, both at the building level and at individual measure level.



Xcel Energy and Apogee – Personalized Video Messaging Program
SDG&E – Plug Load and Appliance Program


William Clemens, DTE Energy


Justin Margolies, WECC



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