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AESP Magazine -- Call for Writers (and Sponsors)

Tuesday, January 8, 2019  
Posted by: Adeline Lui
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AESP Magazine. What’s FULL COLOR yet REaD all over?

Now in its fourth year, the annual printed AESP Magazine (click here to see 2018 issue) has become a valuable resource for AESP members. Delivered to every member’s mailbox in July, and available from AESP’s website year round,  it contains articles on topics most requested by members written by industry insiders such as yourself. If you have knowledge or an interest on any of the topics below, we would love for you to write for 2019’s AESP Magazine.

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1.      A Regional Roundup of EE activities

Provide a high level overview of EE activity in the NW, CA, SW, NE, SE, Midwest, MidAtlantic, TX, etc. Include Canadian provinces especially Ontario if possible. Is efficiency and demand response in the region increasing or decreasing? Which states are expanding programs and which are contracting?  Why? How has buildout of renewable energy impacted portfolios?  For example, Iowa curtailed programs substantially while they continue to build out massive-scale wind resources.  What is happening, generally, in the states? Suggest connecting with REEOs for this article.


2.      Assessing Cost Effectiveness as an Efficiency Resource

Provide an overview of the weaknesses of each of the famous tests: RIM, TRC, Participant, Societal.  Discuss the benefits of the National Standard Practice Manual for Assessing Cost-Effectiveness of EE Resources.  Why are non-wires solutions not compared with wired solutions on a dollar for dollar basis, for example?


3.      Programs for Gas Efficiency and Demand Response

Provide an overview of the state of efficiency programs in gas utilities. What are some of the new types of programs gas utilities are doing. Provide examples or case studies.


4.      What next for Residential Efficiency?  

Lightbulbs: transformed.  Envelope: no longer cost effective. Appliances: all efficient and there is no incremental cost.  Thermostats?  Home energy management systems?  Self-report energy audits?  These all have major challenges.  So, what are some of the new avenues that utilities are looking into for residential savings? Highlight some utility examples.


5.      Let’s Talk about Non-Energy Benefits

What are Non-energy benefits? Definition. Present examples of utilities who are including NEBs to impact their program evaluations. Can we leverage NEBs to “sell” EE to utility customers?


6.      Impacts from Electrification

What is beneficial electrification and how does it help achieve decarbonization goals? What is fuel optimization and how does this concept support or complicate  electrification? What are the grid impact of increased electrification?


7.      Emerging Trends in Customer Experience and Engagement

This article will cite several examples of new trends or technologies that can be used to increase customer engagement with energy efficiency. Some examples could include:

· Bidgely, Ecotagious and Tendril have developed voice assistant technologies that can help utilities respond to queries that customers might ask their voice assistants.

· Use of customer insights in customer journey mapping.


8.      Integrating DR, Renewables, and Storage while managing Grid Conditions

This article will discuss  the increasing role of demand response, renewables and storage and how it integrates into the grid. The role of DERS in managing grid conditions.  



·  To be considered, complete a simple form (link below) before January 28, 2019. Submit one form per article if you are interested in more than one topic.

·  We will ask you to submit a short paragraph on why you are qualified to write about this topic (work experience, area of specialty, personal interest on the subject, etc.). Please elaborate.

· You may also expand on the description provided and tell us more about what you would cover in the article if you were to be selected. The more information you provide, the more it helps the committee to select you.

Click here to complete the form now:


More Information for Writers

Articles should be around 1000-2000 words. You cannot promote any company, services or products. AESP reserves the right to reject articles that contain promotional elements.

Articles that have already been published are not accepted. However you can publish the article elsewhere -- in your company website, blog, social media, etc. AFTER it has published in AESP Magazine.

Selected authors to be notified by February 15, 2019.

Draft of article will be due on March 29.

AESP Magazine will be printed and mailed to AESP members in July 2019.




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