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The “Wishes” are in…

Tuesday, October 10, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mae Tafoya
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AESP partnered with EnergyCentral to bring you an Energy Efficiency awareness campaign. With the help of many #AESP_EEprofessionals, we will shed some light on significant issues in the EE industry. Watch the video here.

The outcome was tremendous! We received a variety of "wishes" from a vast group of professionals. Below is a list of everyone's submission. Feel free to check them out, share with friends or add more to the list! Remember, #EEDay2017 has passed, but Energy Efficiency is continuous!

At the end, we randomly selected a winner of a $200 gift basket filled with goodies, including a $100 Visa gift card, courtesy of AESP and Energy Central. Congratulations to Marta Schantz at Waypoint Building Group.

Thank you to all who participated!


As an #AESP_EEProfessional meter billing should reflect that NEC loads are based on volt-amperes (VA) rather than watts (W) on #EEDay2017

-Tripp Tucker

"As an #AESP_EEprofessional I wish regulators would give equal treatment to EE compared to generation and T&D resources on #EEDay2017

-Brett Feldman

"#EEDay2017 wish: More people would see the positive effect of energy efficiency on asset value. #AESP_EEprofessional

-Marta Schantz

As an #AESP_EEprofessional the electric grid does not end at the customers meter, but rather it begins with the customers loads! #EEDay2017

-Tripp Tucker

As an #AESP_EEprofessional I wish for all to have the courage to make meaningful change on #EEDay2017

-Gillian * EE

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish more people would take advantage of the great energy efficiency programs offered on #EEDay2017!

-Lynn Westerlind

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish more people would turn their computers off when they are not using them on #EEDay2017!


It's almost #EEDay2017 a good time to share a clip of our own Amanda on the human side of data #AESP_EEprofessional

-Sara Conzemius

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish (more people would look for the #EnergyStar label on #EEDay2017

-Sara Conzemius

As an #AESP_EEprofessional I wish for all dimmable LED light bulbs were 100% compatible with 2-25 year old incandescent dimmers on #EEDay2017

-Steve Rosenstock

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish gov entities worked to decrease costs of high eff appliances! Similar to #sunshotinitiative on #EEDay2017

-Phoebe Judge

Happy Energy Efficiency Day! My wish is for more #netzero or #net positive buildings plus #nonukes #AESP_EEprofessional #EEDay2017

-Sam Goldberg

As an #AESP_EEprofessional in energy efficient transfer, the current is sinusoidal and distortion power factor will be at unity. #EEDay2017

-Tripp Tucker

As an #AESP_EEprofessional I wish Innovari could be everywhere that energy lives on #EEDay2017

-Reckless Rodian

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish more people would try to be mindful about their energy use and find ways to save every day on #EEDay2017

-Latisha Canon

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish more people would use less water on #EEDay2017

-Allison Musvosvi

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish more people would prioritize conservation over convenience on #EEDay2017

-Allison Musvosvi

"Like a good #AESP_EEprofessional I wish more people would brag about how much they save with home audits & LEDs #EEDay2017

-Jennie Morris

As an #AESP_EEProfessional on EEDay, 3DFS Software-Defined Electricity was mentioned in the latest issue of Popular Mechanics #EEDay2017

-Tripp Tucker

As an #AESP_EEProfessional I wish every family and business can learn about the many lasting benefits of energy efficiency on #EEDay2017

-Brian Kealoha

As an #AESP_EEprofessional I wish more teachers would talk more about energy efficiency in their classes on #EEDay2017 and every day!

-Alex Dzurick

As an #AESP_EEprofessional” I wish we would stop looking at energy costs as a business overhead and start treating them as opportunities for waste reduction on “#EEDay2017

-Jeff Mackey

As an #AESP_EEprofessional” I wish everyone a safe and energy efficient day, while also realizing energy is a valuable commodity which cannot be stored. By doing our part using energy efficient appliances, off peak power and light bulbs. This is just one way we can insure long term reliable energy and have low impact on our environment on “#EEDay2017”

-Tony Aman

As an #AESP-EEprofessional, I wish that there was no need for #EEDay because energy efficiency behaviors and culture was reflexive and ingrained!

-Denelle Peacey

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish that all the people of my country become energy conscious and environment friendly on #EEDay2017

-Surendra Bateja

As an #AESP_EEprofessional I wish more people below poverty line in various countries including India get at least  one LED 100W bulb light per household which can improve their living standards and safety on #EEDay2017

-Sanjay JagTap

As an #AESP_EEprofessional I wish energy efficiency is made a way of life rather than a buzz word on “#EEDay2017”

-Suhasini Gudala

As an #AESP_EEprofessional” I wish for a much faster, more mobile, more efficient, and more economical power source be developed for natural disasters such as the ones recently in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Mexico on this “#EEDay2017”.

-Lorraine Bowen

As an #AESP_EEprofessional I wish more attention was given to the food industry's impact on energy efficiency #EEDay2017

-Allegra Wiesler

As an #AESP_EEprofessional " I wish everyone would use more natural light in their home to light the house conserving not only energy usage but reduction on bill. to impact on energy efficiency#EEDay2017"

-Connie Davis

As an #AESP_Eeprofessional "First Fuel x3" active current phase balancing, unity distortion power factor, and no nuetral current #EEDay2017

-Tripp Tucker

How can we inculcate the habit of energy conservation and environment protection amongst the masses?

-Surendra Bateja

As an #AESP_EEprofessional, I wish utilities would offer new services and embrace clean energy technologies that encourage efficiency on #EEDay2017.

-Jim Marston

As an #AESP_EEprofessional” I wish more awareness is created at every level about energy efficiency on “#EEDay2017”

-Suhasini Gudala

My #EEDay2017 wish is that energy efficiency stop being seen as “us” against “them” but rather that smart energy use is reframed as both patriotic and prudent. Energy independence is good for all our communities.

-Dre Voelkel

My #EEDay2017 Wish is that more people engage their long term thinking

-Alex Dunn

My #EEDay2017 wish is that more people program their thermostats and pick more efficient set points.

-Anne Dougherty

My #EEDay2017 wish is that more people program their thermostat, tuneup their furnace, car pool and look for the Energy Star® labels.

-Sara Conzemius

My #EEDay2017 wish is that more people play board games all in the same room together.

-Sharon Talbott

My #EEDay2017 Wish is that more people give up anything that’s single use! Let’s just all use less gosh darn it!

-Andrew Mielcarek

My #EEDay2017 wish is that more people make big choices early that result in them driving less and living in smaller homes.

-Jon Koliner


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