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Training Courses

The AESP Institute is AESP’s educational and training arm offering a wide range of on-site and regional courses in a variety of energy-related disciplines. From introductory to advanced courses, the AESP Institute delivers practical information, case studies, best practices, lessons learned and group exercises with each training. The courses are well-received in the industry and our trainers have a minimum of 10 years experience in areas of Demand-side Management, Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Research and Evaluation, Economics, and much more. 

Flexible Training Options

On-site training
Provided at your facility, our trainers come to you. Your employees learn as a group and receive content that is customized for your organization. Combine two or more courses to create a curriculum that answers your organization’s unique needs.
Pre- and Post-AESP Conference training
A convenient and cost-effective option for you to obtain training while attending an AESP conference. Courses are offered in various cities throughout the year. Click here to see upcoming scheduled pre- or post-conference training courses.  

For more information about the AESP Institute or to schedule a training at your company, contact Suzanne Jones at or call (480) 704-5900.

AESP Training Course Descriptions

Principles of Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V)
Principles of Evaluation, Measurement and Verification
- Learn how to conduct baseline studies, develop effective data collection methods and perform sampling using the best strategy.  
- Understand the importance of using logic models and how they can be applied to your programs.  
- Discover the differences between process evaluations, impact evaluations and market transformation.
Full Course Description/print flyer

Introduction to DSM
Introduction to the Principles of Demand-side Management
 - Learn how Demand-side Management investments translate into long-term
 - Discover best practices from industry experts for building and delivering effective Demand-side Management portfolios.
 - Understand how to launch or realign your Demand-side Management initiatives. Full Course Description/print flyer

LEVEL II Demand-side Management
Level II Demand-side Management: Program Planning & Implementation
 - You will learn specifics on how to select the ideal contractor, coordinate internal and external resources, when and how to launch your program, and how to create practical marketing strategies.
 - Loaded with useful case studies, lessons learned, group exercises and best practices. This course is the next level for those seeking more comprehensive information on DSM portfolio design and implementation. 

Economics and Evaluation
Level II Demand-side Management: Economics & Evaluation
 - Evaluation methodology will be thoroughly explored. Includes detailed Information on Process, Market and Impact Evaluations as well as valuable data on costs, trends and issues.
 - You will learn about Evaluation Costs, Sampling, Stratification and much more. Loaded with useful case studies, lessons learned, group exercises and best practices. 

Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing of your Energy Efficiency Programs
 - Know how to set realistic program goals, establish metrics and perform market research.
 - Learn how to identify and market to residential, low-income and C&I target markets.
 - Determine how to use online media and social media to benefit your programs and build your company’s brand. 

Leadership Training for Exceptional Team Performance
 - Through key leadership models, practical exercises, and real life applications, attendees will become more self aware of their natural leadership preferences and styles.
 - Learn how to better communicate with and motivate employees, and how to develop the skills and techniques essential to creating, inspiring and leading exceptional teams. 

Behavior Change
Behavior Change & Energy Efficiency Programs
 - Understand why regulators, policymakers and program managers zero-in on behavior for improving existing programs, designing new programs and for meeting savings goals.
 - Understand the various behavioral change theories from the perspective of the social sciences.
 - Know how to integrate behavior strategies into programs, and the fundamentals of designing and planning behavior programs. 

Behavior Change
Selling Efficiency Effectively
 - Learn how to sell the benefits of energy efficiency to stakeholders and potential partners.
 - Anticipating and addressing myths and objections.
 - Identifying and appealing to sector-specific and role-specific benefits.
 - Calculating a project’s true return, including life-cycle cost where applicable.
 - Distilling the costs/benefits into a concise one-page financial summary emphasizing the right metrics. 

Understanding the Electric Utility Business Today and Tomorrow
 - Understand the business structure, facilities, systems, hardware, components and operations of the electric utility industry today.
- Learn how utility decisions are made for the future
- Learn each level of utility regulation and how it is driving greater change in our industry
- Recognize the current industry issues and their likely impacts to utilities.

How to Build, Implement and Evaluate a Customer Engagement Program
 - Learn how to build a consumer insight approach with research, data, and analytics
 - Plan and execute effective, engaging and personalized communications, including how to map the customer journey and touch points.
 - Select the right key performance indicators to measure performance
- Plan and implement for optimum tracking, reporting and evaluability
- Organize companies and teams to support programs.


 AESP is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).  AESP complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices. As a result of this accreditation, AESP is authorized to issue the IACET CEU.

 AESP trainers disclose in advance that they have no interest in any product, service, or material discussed during the course.  This information is stated orally and in the training course handbook. 

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