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AESP's Resource Library contains thousands of Brown Bag Webinars you can listen to, Strategies magazine articles to read, conference papers and PowerPoints to review. It's a powerful and convenient resource for AESP members, to research or learn about a wide variety of topics in energy efficiency. If you’re not currently a member of AESP and would like to join, click here.

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Selections from the AESP Resource Library



AESP’s monthly magazine for members features specially curated articles and case studies on successful programs, as well as information on key issues, major industry events and member news. 

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Integrating Demand Response into Strategic Energy Management
We examine how utilities across the nation are embracing Strategic Energy Management (SEM) as a way to help their customers proactively manage energy.

The Ins and Out of C&I Midstream Programs
In this series, we explore the ins and outs of commercial and industrial rebate programs and discuss the challenges faced when trying to incorporate these programs into a larger energy efficiency portfolio.

Community Solar? Three Key Questions 
Community solar is taking root across the country. Find out the three key questions utilities ask when considering community solar.

PROspectives: Art Christianson
In this new series, AESP talks with the professionals in the industry who are doing interesting things, to share their unique point of view with AESP members. Our guest is Art Christianson, Senior Manager, Utility and Government Rebates at The Home Depot.

PROspectives: Val Jensen
In this new series, AESP talks with the professionals in the industry who are doing interesting things, to share their unique point of view with AESP members. Our first guest is Val Jensen, the senior vice president for customer operations at ComEd. 


Brown Bag Webinars

AESP hosts over 20 educational Brown Bag Webinars a year. Monthly Webinars cover current issues, relevant case studies and new technologies. Best Part? They’re FREE to active members!

Award-winning programs in implementation & tools and technologies
This Brown Bag will feature the 2017 AESP Energy Award winners from these categories: program implementation & tools and technologies. Each speaker will highlight the achievements of their program.

Award-winning programs in marketing and customer engagement & pricing and demand response
This Brown Bag will feature the 2017 AESP Energy Award winners from these categories: marketing and customer engagement & pricing and demand response. Each speaker will highlight the achievements of their program. 

Customer Engagement Works! Two Award-Winning Programs 
Taking the customer relationship one step further, Pacific Gas and Electric and NTC Corporate present two cases studies to demonstrate how customer engagement can play a role in achieving energy efficiency savings. 

Technical Writing with Purpose and Professionalism 
Are you looking to improve the way you communicate complex technical information? This Brown Bag will focus on techniques and strategies that strengthen and streamline the written aspects of your efforts, from the beginning to the end.

Demand Response Survey of Utilities and NARUC by AESP, PLMA and SEPA 
In this Brown Bag Webinar, three leading associations serving the Demand Response industry – AESP, PLMA and SEPA – partnered to conduct a survey of utilities across the nation and NARUC members to take a pulse on the state of DR.  


Conference Session Presentations

AESP contains a wealth of papers and PowerPoints, developed by industry leading experts for conference session presentations. The two session presentations below, highlight two verticals within AESP. 

On-Bill Financing: A Replicable Solution for Rural Electric Cooperatives?
Looking to increase participation in your rural electric cooperative energy efficiency program? This presentation looks at South Carolina’s 20 electric cooperatives. Their pilot program provides residential energy efficiency retrofits through On-Bill Financing, reaching a group that had never been able to previously invest in energy efficiency. 

Trends and Challenges for Gas Efficiency Programs
This session takes a broad perspective on the natural gas energy efficiency industry, including the challenges it faces (low gas prices, rising efficiency baselines, limited additional savings) as well as the opportunities (gas-electric-water partnerships, emerging technologies, systems-based savings, upstream program models).


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