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AESP Energy Awards open for Entries

Thursday, September 14, 2017  
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AESP Energy Awards Call for Entries

AESP 2018 Energy Awards Call for Entries

Nominations are open for AESP’s Energy Awards program. Each year AESP recognizes the companies, programs and people who have achieved exciting things in energy efficiency. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be awarded for your creative thinking, hard work and innovation. The winners will be announced at a special Awards Luncheon at AESP’s 28th National Conference in February 2018 in New Orleans.

AESP’s Energy Awards recognizes excellence in the energy services field in the following categories:

Program Awards
  •          Outstanding Achievement in Residential Marketing
  •          Outstanding Achievement in Non-residential Marketing
  •          Outstanding Achievement in Customer Engagement
  •          Outstanding Achievement in Market Research & Evaluation
  •          Outstanding Achievement in Integrated Demand-Side Management
  •          Outstanding Achievement in Residential Program Design & Implementation
  •          Outstanding Achievement in Non-residential Program Design & Implementation
  •          Outstanding Achievement in Emerging Tools & Technologies

 Individual Awards* 

  •           B. H. Prasad
  •           Industry Leader
  •           One to Watch
*Click here for information about guideline for INDIVIDUAL AWARDS:  
Guidelines for Submitting for PROGRAM AWARDS
1. Name of individual/company being nominated 
  • Please describe why this individual/team/program/company is deserving of the Award
  • Name, address, phone number and e-mail address of person submitting the nomination
  • Contact person(s) for questions
  • Name and/or company to be inscribed on the award
2. Summary of Energy Services Initiative
Provide a brief overview of the initiative and the results realized. What is the essence of the story? Please include goals, timeframe, scale and budget. (Limit:  250 words)  
3. Situation Overview
Describe the market problem and/or opportunity that inspired this initiative. What were the challenges faced?  What market or program changes had occurred that called for a new initiative?  What were the market constraints?  This section should provide an understanding of the market conditions and environment that the nominated organization faced while developing the specific response and implementation plan.  (Limit: 250 words)
4. Understanding of Customer/Market Need
Define the customer or market need that the initiative addressed. How rigorous was the approach taken to understand the need? To what extent was the need or opportunity quantified (e.g., costs, potential savings, benefits, and/or market size)? Was the initiative based on a new insight into customer or market needs? Was this an effort to define a new customer segment? This section should provide an understanding of the insights into the customer/market need and how they described and quantified that need.  (Limit: 500 words)

5. Innovation
Describe the innovation involved in addressing advancement in the energy services field. This section should provide an understanding of how different and innovative the submission is relative to peers and competitors as well as previous practice within your organization or the organization being nominated
.  (Limit: 250 words)  
6. Execution
Detail the full scope of the initiative and the specific steps taken to bring it to fruition. What were the key elements? What resources were required to execute the plan? How was the initiative managed? Were partners involved? What were the most difficult challenges faced in executing the plan successfully? What changes were made along the way as new challenges emerged? What were the most important factors contributing to the initiative's success? How does this initiative advance the understanding and growth of the energy industry?

This section should provide a clear and detailed understanding of what was involved in the initiative, how efficiently and effectively it was carried out, and what elements of the program contributed most to its success.

(Limit: 1500 words)

7. Initiative Results
Describe the method that was/is being used to measure results and what results have been accomplished to date. What measures of success are included? What quantifiable results have been documented? What results are expected to be accomplished with this initiative over the next year? Please include energy and non-energy benefits. This section should provide concrete data that documents the success of the initiative and demonstrates the appropriateness of the scorecard.  (Limit: 500 words)
8. Closing Statement
Summarize the most important reasons why this initiative deserves special recognition by AESP.  (Limit: 250 words)
9. Submission Fee
AESP requires a $50 fee for each submission to cover expenses associated with the administration of the program.  Payment in U.S. dollars via authorized credit card, purchase order, or check must be received by the award entry deadline, October 16, 2017. 
10. Submission Deadline
Please submit your entry online by Monday, October 16, 2017.  If you are paying by check, please note the check number and/or purchase order with your submission.  Award winners will be notified in December. 

*Please see Individual Energy Awards Guidelines for details:

B. H. Prasad Award recognizes an individual member for his/her outstanding voluntary contributions to AESP.  
Industry Leader Award recognizes an individual for his/her strong, positive influence and continued contribution to the energy industry.
One to Watch Award recognizes outstanding contribution to the energy industry with less than five years of experience.
No fee is required for the B. H. Prasad, Industry Leader or One to Watch Awards.
NOTES: AESP will not return any of the submission materials.  

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