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Lime Energy Awarded U.S. Department of Energy Grant

Posted By Lime Energy, Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Lime Energy Co. has been awarded a funding agreement by the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to design and deliver “Achieving Energy Efficiency in Small Businesses in Low-Income Areas,” an energy efficiency program for low-income communities. As part of this collaboration, the DOE will invest $1.35 million to help Lime Energy engage 10,000 small businesses and complete 2,500 small business efficiency retrofit projects in low-income areas in Atlanta, Orlando, and Houston. “Lime Energy has been a leader in delivering clean energy solutions to small businesses across America, and we are excited to partner with the U.S. Department of Energy on this initiative,” said Adam Procell, Lime Energy’s President and CEO. “We believe that our unique approach and our innovative metering technology will help drive all the benefits of energy efficiency deeper and more cost-effectively into the heart of the communities that need it the most.”

Tags:  Lime Energy  U.S. DOE 

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The Force is Strong with This One

Posted By Sabrina Cowden, Thursday, September 8, 2016

Milepost recognized for creating the most positive overall community impact.

We’re excited to announce that we were honored today in the Best for Workers category during B the Change Media’s Best for the World Awards.

What does that mean?
As many of you know, Milepost Consulting is a certified B Corp, which means we’re a for-profit company certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. This award indicates a top 10% ranking in the small business category for the positive impact we have on our team.

Focusing on overall work environment within the company and considering management and worker communication, job flexibility, culture, benefits, and training, Milepost is helping to set the gold standard for employee impact. We believe we must use business as a force for good and that begins with our own team.

A big part of our culture is making sure we share those positive impacts with our clients as well and helping them to incorporate B Corp principles into their own organizational practices.

If you are a client, thanks! We hope you’ve noticed and enjoyed working with our happy, healthy workforce.

Thank you,
Milepost Consulting Team

Tags:  award  b corp  milepostconsulting 

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On Demand Savings: The Power to Change the Way We Look at Utility Programs

Posted By Jamie Delk, Friday, September 2, 2016

When most of us think about energy efficiency solutions, we generally think in terms of technologies. We have it quite literally down to a formula. We default to replacing older, inefficient equipment with smarter, more efficient technologies – or installing controls that conserve energy when we don’t need it. And it works. For residential and small business customers, it’s the effective go-to solution for energy efficiency program design.

However, for large commercial building owners or manufacturers (often coined as Commercial and Industrial or C&I customers), there’s another factor that comes into play. Power. 

Read the full On Demand Savings program blog and whitepaper to see how utilities are helping customers save on demand charges – including the real-world challenges and solutions of pilot program success stories.

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Tags:  C&I  commercial and industrial  consultations  demand charges  energy  energy bills  energy dashboard  Energy Efficiency  Franklin Energy  Franklin Energy Services  Franklin Energy Services LLC  ODS  On Demand Savings  power 

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Change is in the Wind: New York Leads the Way

Posted By Kathleen Humphrey, Tuesday, July 19, 2016

By Brian Hedman

The lower costs and increased acceptance of distributed generation, storage, and energy efficiency are changing the hundred-year-old relationship between utilities and their customers. Throughout the last century, utilities generated and distributed power to their customers. The utility was granted a franchise area and an authorized return on any investments in exchange for the obligation to provide power to each customer within the franchise area.

Rapid changes in technology are turning that arrangement on its head. Customers now have the ability to generate and store their own power, often at a lower cost than purchasing power from the utility. Customers are also becoming more efficient in their use of power and may actually sell excess power back to the utility. This has led utility regulators to question whether the regulations of the last hundred years are still appropriate, or whether a new approach is required that allows utilities to generate revenues and profits from services other than traditional investments in generation, transmission, and distribution facilities. The New York Public Service Commission’s Reforming the Energy Vision proceeding is showing how it can be done.

A model for changing markets

In May 2016, the New York Public Service Commission issued an order that adopts a framework for ratemaking and a new revenue platform for utilities. The order builds on a conventional cost-of-service approach and adds market-based and outcome-based earning opportunities. This provides utilities with four ways to achieve earnings:

-Traditional cost-of-service

- Achievement of alternatives that reduce utility capital spending and provide consumer benefit

- Market-facing platform activities

- Transitional outcome-based performance measures

The changes proposed by the Order are based on three fundamental principles: First, the Commission recognizes that the grid that was designed as unidirectional is becoming more diversified and bidirectional. This will make the grid more resilient and will engage customers and third parties. Second, the standard of universal, reliable, and secure electricity delivery at just and reasonable prices remains a function of regulated utilities. Finally, the overall efficiency of the electricity system can, and will, improve by assuring a more productive mix of utility and third-party investments.

Specific measures identify priorities

To move the utility revenue model away from traditional cost-of-service, the Commission proposes near-term changes and longer-term initiatives; however, they note that, with billions of dollars of needed infrastructure improvements, rapid technological advancements, and potential carbon reduction requirements, the historic pace of regulatory change is inadequate. To that end, the Commission has identified and ordered several specific measures......

Read the full article here:



Tags:  Cadmus  Insights  NY REV 

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More like Ikea, Less like the IRS

Posted By Franklin Energy, Wednesday, July 13, 2016

I love a good catalog. I’m instantly transported to an idyllic place where my house is flawlessly decorated and organized. The throw pillows complement the loveseat (which matches the rug). Even the dog coordinates with his dog bed tucked neatly in the alcove. Sigh.

As you comb through each spread, there’s also a sense of familiarity. You know the brand. You identify with the look and feel. Recognize the products. You know the names, styles, cost, and ordering them is a cinch with those bolded product codes.

Why can’t everything be so satisfying and simple?

To read the full blog post click here.


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Tags:  application  catalog  energy  Energy Efficiency  energy efficiency programs  Franklin Energy  Franklin Energy Services  Franklin Energy Services LLC  incentive catalog  marketing 

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Fiveworx wins Gold at Utility Communicators International Conference

Posted By Laura Orfanedes, Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Laura Orfanedes


Alliant Energy Advisor wins 2016 Utility Communicators International

 Better Communications Competition Award  

Pilot using Fiveworx software to increase program participation and

improve c-sat receives top prize in digital properties category

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., June 28, 2016—Fiveworx (, a digital customer engagement software company for the energy sector, today announced that client program, Alliant Energy Advisor, received the 2016 Utility Communicators International (UCI) Better Communications Competition (BCC) Gold Award in the Digital Properties category.

The award was presented during UCI’s BCC Awards Ceremony June 23 in Chicago, IL. Suzanne Shelton, Chairman of the Board of Fiveworx, accepted the award on behalf of Alliant Energy and Fiveworx.

Alliant Energy in Wisconsin began piloting Fiveworx email marketing and marketing automation software in 2014 to address common barriers to energy efficiency, drive customer engagement, and increase energy efficiency program participation.  An independent evaluation of the pilot’s first nine months showed that Alliant Energy customers in the treatment group:

·       Exceeded enrollment expectations.

·       Participated in WI’s Focus on Energy program at double the control group’s rate.

·       Reported increased satisfaction with Alliant Energy and high satisfaction with the pilot experience.

·       Achieved aggregate savings of roughly 525,000 kWh and 32,000 therms.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award and be recognized among other leading utility communications initiatives from across the nation,” said Jeff Adams, team lead-customer programs and business support at Alliant Energy. “The customer segmentation that underlies the Fiveworx platform allows us to communicate with our customers in a more personalized way, and they are responding by taking more steps to save energy and with a higher degree of satisfaction with us.”

Alliant Energy is currently implementing an expanded, second year of the pilot.


Fiveworx is a customer engagement platform that was purpose-built for the energy sector. Our email marketing and marketing automation software features persona-based messaging created specifically to tap into energy customers’ deeper emotional drivers and motivate them to act, resulting in increased customer participation in utility programs, products and services; improved customer satisfaction, and increased energy savings. Visit to learn more.


Utility Communicators International provides a unique networking forum with members representing more than a hundred electricity, gas, water, and alternative source utilities in the U.S., Canada, and Bermuda. Incorporated more than 80 years ago, UCI is the oldest organization of its kind. Its prestigious Better Communications Competition is among the longest running awards programs for excellence in utility communications. For more information, visit


Alliant Energy Corporation (NYSE: LNT), headquartered in Madison, Wis., provides regulated electric and natural gas service to approximately 950,000 electric and 410,000 natural gas customers in more than 1,200 communities across Iowa and Wisconsin. Alliant Energy’s mission is to deliver the energy solutions and exceptional service customers and communities count on – safely, efficiently and responsibly. Interstate Power and Light Company and Wisconsin Power and Light Company are Alliant Energy’s two public utility subsidiaries. For more information, visit



Tags:  Alliant Energy  corpcomm  corporate communications  customer engagement digital  Fiveworx  Jamie Lalos 

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Cadmus Hires Jennie Rice to Lead Strategic Decision Support Practice

Posted By Kathleen Humphrey, Friday, June 17, 2016

WALTHAM, Mass., June 16, 2016—The Cadmus Group, Inc. (Cadmus) announced today that it has hired a new principal, Jennie Rice, to lead a new practice providing strategic decision support for clients in the private and public sectors. This practice will provide decision and risk analysis services to help organizations make robust business strategy, portfolio management, and resource allocation decisions, while building support from internal and external stakeholders.

“Cadmus has long anticipated our clients’ evolving needs to offer technical expertise and advisory services of the highest caliber in an expanding number of markets and capabilities,” said President and CEO Ian Kline. “In bringing Jennie into our firm, we’re welcoming a tremendous talent in areas of critical importance to the future resilience and prosperity of our clients.”

Jennie Rice

Jennie Rice leads Cadmus’ strategic decision support practice.

“Challenges such as shifting market dynamics, evolving regulations, new technologies, and climate change require not only sophisticated analytics, but also smart decision processes to effectively address complexity, uncertainty, and risk,” said Rice. “With this new practice, we integrate analytics within the decision support process to help organizations ask the right questions, formulate and evaluate strategies, and take the necessary steps to mitigate risks, adapt to changing conditions, and thrive. I’m thrilled to be joining Cadmus to offer these services.”

Rice has more than two decades of experience helping clients in the energy, water, health, and climate science arenas make sound decisions in the face of socioeconomic, environmental, technological, and policy uncertainties and risks. Prior to joining Cadmus, she led the development and application of a multi-sector modeling framework for the U.S. Department of Energy/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that projected the impacts of climate policy and climate change on the energy, agriculture, and water sectors in the United States.

Papers authored or co-authored by Rice have been published in the journals Climatic Change, Energy, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, and Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, among others. She is a member of the Society for Risk Analysis and the American Geophysical Union.

The strategic decision support practice will leverage Cadmus’ expertise in the energy, water, and health sectors and will supplement existing offerings in utility resource and system planning, climate security and resilience, greenhouse gas and sustainability reporting, and disaster management.

About The Cadmus Group, Inc.

Cadmus provides professional consulting services that help clients achieve their goals and create social and economic value today and for future generations. By applying exceptional technical expertise and a highly collaborative approach, we deliver customized solutions that address complex challenges facing the realms of natural and built environments, energy, public health, climate, homeland security, and international development. Cadmus’ more than 450 consultants serve government, commercial, and nongovernmental organizations in the United States and abroad.

Tags:  cadmus  decision support  risk analysis 

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Debunking Small Business As A Difficult Market

Posted By Franklin Energy, Thursday, June 16, 2016

Debunking Small Businesses as a ‘Difficult’ Market

The small business market seems predestined with its “hard to reach” typecast slapped across every storefront. Dare we even say it’s too difficult to bother targeting? Yet as the saying goes, sometimes what seems like hard work is worth the effort.

Let’s consider why this market is presumed hard to reach in the first place. There are a few reasons. Small businesses typically run under both time-constrained and cash-strapped owners. Staff is spread thin. Revenue fluctuates, depending on outside influences like the economy, construction or location.

Click to read the full article. 

Click to download the ebook.

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Tags:  customer engagement  energy  Energy Efficiency  energy efficiency programs  engagement  Franklin Energy  Franklin Energy Services  Franklin Energy Services LLC  hard to reach  market  savings  segmentation  small business 

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Decoding Massachusetts’ Latest Net Metering Legislation

Posted By Kathleen Humphrey, Tuesday, June 14, 2016

On April 11, 2016, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed Senate Bill S.1979 into law, reaffirming the Commonwealth’s leadership in the solar market. After more than a year of debate, the Massachusetts legislature raised net metering caps, thereby granting capacity to hundreds of solar projects—some of which have been sitting on roofs, disconnected, awaiting the decision. In contrast to recent rulings elsewhere in the United States, this bill is a compromise resulting from ongoing discussion that began with the Net Metering and Solar Task Force in 2014. The final version of the bill strikes a balance among numerous competing interests, namely utilities, ratepayers, and solar stakeholders, who held differing opinions about the future compensation of solar and the appropriate incentive mechanism.

Read the full article here: 

Tags:  Massachusetts  Net Metering  Solar 

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Evergreen Consulting Group Adds Managing Director

Posted By Dave Backen, Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Matt Gibbs, an energy industry executive with 15 years of experience on a national scale, has joined Portland-based Evergreen Consulting Group as managing director. Founded in 1997, Evergreen develops and implements commercial, industrial and residential energy efficiency programs for utilities and organizations across the country.

"Matt is a rising star in the energy efficiency world,” said Roger Spring, president and owner, Evergreen Consulting Group. "He also shares our values, ethics and understanding of what it takes to support an accomplished team to become even better."

With a blended technical and management background, Gibbs has provided strategic consulting to electric and natural gas utilities, regulatory organizations, and public entities to develop energy policies and support program implementation. He has a deep background in motivating individuals, business owners and facility managers to adopt energy efficient practices. His national energy efficiency perspective will help Evergreen's clients address the changing energy policy landscape on a local level. 

Gibbs comes to Evergreen from Eversource Energy where he served as director of energy efficiency. In his tenure there, he led Eversource's Connecticut team in implementing their award winning statewide energy efficiency portfolio. Prior to Eversource, he was a vice president with Nexant, an international provider of energy efficiency program services for electric and gas utilities. He holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin and University of Bristol, England.

He will report directly to Spring and will help lead the company's management team and 60-plus employees in charting continuous improvement and long-term growth strategies. 

Evergreen Consulting Group, LLC is a full service consulting firm based in Beaverton that manages energy efficiency programs, with a specialty in commercial and industrial lighting, for utilities and energy efficiency organizations. In 2015, Evergreen's work with trade allies and businesses around the region delivered approximately 254 million kilowatt hours in energy. 

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