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Group Membership


Group Membership


If your organizations has several staff members, a Group Membership is the most convenient and cost-effective option for you. Your designated staff members enjoy all the benefits of membership AND you have the convenience to pay for memberships, conference registrations, training and more using a simple system of points. Learn more about points.

To inquire about Group Memberships, contact Lisa Bush,

Among other benefits, group members enjoy:

1. Highly informative and networking-packed Conferences

Join AESP for conferences where our members enjoy top-notch learning and networking. AESP presents a National, Spring and Summer Conference each year. Click here to see upcoming conferences.

2. More than 20 free Brown Bag webinars a year

AESP produces over 20 quality and timely webinars a year, which are exclusively free for members only. Click here to see upcoming webinars.

3. Fully stocked Resource Library

AESP's Resource Library contains a wealth of information on energy efficiency topics. Members can access hundreds of recordings of past webinars, PowerPoints from conferences, back issues of AESP’s magazine and more.

4. Be an active member of the AESP Community

Networking is one of the keys to advancement in any position. AESP embraces this belief and offers numerous and inventive ways to network and help build your industry connections.

Geographic Chapters – AESP has 13 geographical chapters located all over the U.S. and Ontario, Canada to serve members at a local level. Chapters organize regular networking events, presentations by guest speakers and much more. Chapters also provide many opportunities to volunteer and take on leadership roles. Click here to learn more about Chapters.

Topic Committees – Get involved and join topic committees that are focused on the issues affecting key areas of the industry. Assist with organizing Brown Bag webinars, help shape conference content, write articles and more. Click here to learn more about Topic Committees.

5. Communications and Publications

In addition to the weekly What’s New e-newsletter announcing the latest AESP news, jobs and RFPs, you will also receive our exclusive members-only Strategies e-magazine and AESPecially for Members newsletter.

6. Convenience and Savings using Group Membership Points

Select your level of Group Membership, designate your AESP members, and start enjoying member benefits and using your points throughout the year on conferences and more, without any further hassles of payment.


Group Memberships are available at the following levels:


• Bronze-level $2,500 12 points
• Silver-level $6,250 32 points
• Copper-level $8,500 45 points
• Gold-level $12,500 70 points
• Platinum-level $25,000 145 points
• Utility Option $20,000 No points - unlimited memberships

The above points may be redeemed for the following services:

• 0 points One Student Intern Membership
• 0 points $2000 discount on conference exhibit space booked during membership year
• 0 points Brown Bag Webinars - Free to active members
• 1 point One Individual Membership in AESP
• 2 points One Job Announcement or Strategies Inside Banner
• 3 points One Strategies Masthead Banner
• 3 points *One 1/2-day to 1-day Conference Training Course Registration
• 4 points What's New Section Announcement for 4 concurrent weeks
• 4 points *One Spring/Summer/Fall Conference Registration
• 5 points *One-and-half-day to two-day Conference Training Course Registration
• 7 points *One National Conference Registration
• 8 points What's New Masthead Banner for 4 concurrent weeks
• 20 points 1 Spring/Summer/Fall Conference Conference Booth
• 30 points 1 National Conference Booth
• 33 points Brown Bag Sponsor - one quarter (3 months)

Contact Lisa Bush,


Note: * These point values are for AESP designated group members only.  If a non-member wants to register for an event, one (1) point may be redeemed from a Group Membership which will automatically qualify them as a member.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Conference registrations using Points made two weeks prior to any conference require on-site registration and will be charged an additional point

  • Group members will not be able to carry over unused Points and all Points must be redeemed for services within the company's membership year.

  • We request that Point selections be made within 30 days of the invoice/renewal date. If the member needs more time to decide, AESP will use last year’s selections for existing members.

  • Group members must provide full contact information for each designated member within their Group Membership within 30 days. Once the complimentary membership assigned to your membership is assigned, designated members are one Point/per person.

  • Once Points are redeemed for a conference or training registration, they are subject to a one (1) Point cancellation fee within 2 weeks of the event, and forfeiture after that time period.

  • Group member upgrades are allowed throughout the membership year.

  • Point redemption for booths will result in a forfeiture of 50% of Points redeemed if cancelled up to two (2) months prior to the event. 100% of Points will be forfeited after that time.

  • Points cannot be exchanged for onsite training or sponsorship. Onsite training is defined as AESP delivering a course onsite at a utility or company facility.

  • If a designated member leaves a company or EE department, their member Point can be reassigned to another member.

  • To redeem points, contact Kyle Krone at

  • Points cannot be exchanged for Chapter events

  • The options listed above are current and non-negotiable and supersede all others posted.

  • AESP reserves the right to make changes to the AESP Group Membership Points Program throughout the membership year.

Learn More: 

Last updated 05/17.  All membership fees are subject to change without notice.

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